Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Painters "Three Faces of Fall"

It's time for sunflowers, pumpkins, and cute little squash. My local farmers market is the perfect stop for inspiration. I had planned a painting of big, ripe avocados...but hubby had guacamole on his mind and beat me to them.

Painted in soft pastel on sanded paper, this piece measures 12" x 12" and is framed in a coordinating wood frame with UV/Non-glare Museum glass. Buy it now price: $295.00 + $30.00 to ship anywhere in the Continental U.S. or Canada. Updated 9/26/10: my "warm tones" collector!


Nancy Everett said...

This is an exciting composition. I love the colors, too. Great piece.

Caroline Bray Art said...

This is a great painting and indeed a great blog - I love the sense of movement and energy in your pieces. You're a modern day van Gogh (with two ears and a sane mind!). It's been great stopping by and I look forward visiting again soon.

L.W.Roth, said...

I love your "puzzle piece" style, color sense and close-up-and-personal composition.
Do you have many complaints about glass being broken during shipping?