Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Studio Pictures!

I was recently reminded by a Facebook friend that I haven't shared many photos of my new studio. So, here are a few snaps of the new digs. Since I no longer have the need for public "gallery" space (thank you Adelman Fine Art), the space is now 100% working area. My second floor studio entry balcony faces north, overlooking Mission Valley Center. 

My top corner studio location is in an office building that is mainly occupied by mortgage and insurance companies. It's the perfect fit for me, since I like things calm and quiet. I rarely see anyone, and the parking is covered under the building. A handy elevator for lugging paintings up and down is a godsend for my creaky knees! The restroom is beautiful too. I really had to do a bit of persuading when it came to leasing this space, assuring the owner I was not the "Jackson Pollock" type. 

This is the painting in progress wall, with my glass top table palette and chair there in the corner. I love the view, and the movement and activity on the freeway keeps me company. The drive thru at the Wendys restaurant below is also pretty entertaining, although the smell of burgers and fries is pretty tempting.  I'm sure this view will be interesting when it rains. 

Surrounded by windows, the studio has great north light to paint by. I have a work table in the center, and that's my lunch and paperwork table in the far corner. It's enough room to be efficient without feeling cramped. Having carpet is cool too. 

View to the entry and balcony. The space is surprisingly quiet, considering proximity to the freeway below. It's a bit like working in a fish bowl with all the glass, and I'm sure the air conditioning in the summer will be a welcome addition.

This door is permanently locked, and leads to the office suites next door. They all link together if someone wanted to lease them all, and I'm sure the suite I'm in was designed as the bosses office with the view, but I'm the Grand Poo-Bah now!

Thanks for your curiosity, I hope you enjoyed the tour :)


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