Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Painters "Solandra Maxima"

Yes, that's Cup of Gold for those of you that are Southern California gardeners. These rampant growers will keep even the most diligent gardener on their toes. Many of these vines in my neighborhood are over forty years old, with trunks the size of small trees. They're worth the constant trimming, with their huge saucer sized blooms, and glossy green foliage.

Painted in soft pastel on sandpaper, this piece measures 8" x 10" and is offered in a coordinating wood frame with UV-Non glare museum glass, ready to hang and enjoy. Buy it now price: $175 + $30 to ship anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada. Updated 6/26/11: Sold!


L.W.Roth, said...

Grabbed my eye right away. It's my kind of composition--all spaces positive. Energetic.

Nancy Goldman said...

I always wondered what those exotic flower vines were called. This is beautiful.