Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Painting of the New Year "Puddles"

Soft pastel on sandpaper
8" x 10"

The end of December brought on a bit of much needed rain to Southern California. While rushing about with holiday errands, I spied these reflections on a rainsoaked sidewalk, as the glow of the winter sun again filled the sky.

Speaking of reflections, this is the time of year when I'm busily making plans for the year ahead, and also reflecting on the accomplishments of a year gone by. Have I told you lately how much I love to paint? Well, I love to paint so much that in 2011 I found the time to paint over 97 paintings! I would again like to thank all of my collectors for enjoying my work and welcoming original art into your homes. I'm looking forward to another exciting year in the studio, and welcome your visits whenever you are in town.

"Puddles" is offered framed in wide, dark wood with UV/non-glare museum glass, ready to hang and enjoy. $175 + $30 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Updated 4/28/12: Sold at ArtWalk!

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