Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Painters "Joy of Spring #1"

"Joy of Spring #1"
Soft Pastel on Sandpaper"
8" x 8"
With all of the recent storms, the yard is emerald green. The rain has washed the faces of the succulents, and I just can't wait for the sunflowers to start their show in the back yard. I think a few bird paintings are in the plan also, since I woke this morning at 4:30 to the sound of birds singing in the dark. They're happy it's spring too.

"Joy of Spring #1" is offered framed in wide black wood with gold liner and UV/non-glare museum glass. Buy it here $150 + $30 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. And yes, there will be a "Joy of Spring #2" that would make a great companion piece to this, same size, subject and color palette. Updated 4/28/12: Sold at ArtWalk!

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