Thursday, February 15, 2018

"Luna Grande"

"Luna Grande"
36" x 36" Oil on Canvas
© Monique Straub
noc-turne (nak'tern) n. [Fr.] a romantic, dreamy musical or artistic composition, appropriate to night.
noc-tur-nal (nak tur'n'l) adj. [L. nox, night] 1. of, done, or happening in the night.

That explains it all. Night paintings "Nocturnes" are some of my favorites, and with all the "hoopla" surrounding the recent Super Moon phenomenon, I must add my "Two Cents."

"Luna Grande" is painted in oil using the deep blue color of the night sky. It is on gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted black, ready to hang and enjoy. You can purchase here and have it shipped to your door. $1495 with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

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