Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily Painters "Meadow Music"

On a recent trip to Sonoma, I realized that this is not only a big wine producing area, it also boasts its share of local cheese boutiques. I couldn't resist stopping along side one of the grassy meadows to visit the sheep as they worked. Once I stepped over to the fence, this little "greeter" acknowledged my interest, and to my delight I realized that each of the sheep was wearing a hand crafted leather collar with a custom brass bell. Each of the bells was unique in size and shape, and as the 40 to 50 sheep wandered the meadow, one could hear all of the different bells tinkling. It sounded something like wind chimes, but more peaceful and beautiful.

Painted in soft pastel on sandpaper, this piece measures 12" x 16" and is framed in wide dark wood with UV/non-glare museum glass. Ready to hang and enjoy. Buy it now price $365 + $30 to ship anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada. Updated 10/18/11: a visiting out of town collector!



Just love these little wooly fellows! Wonderful subjects for your unique style Monique.

Monique Straub said...

Thanks Susan. I've been admiring your beautiful sunset paintings as well :)

Tracie said...

I love this!