Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Spicy Tuna Roll #2"

"Spicy Tuna Roll #2"
8" x 8" Pastel on Sandpaper
© Monique Straub
There's just something about sushi that's fun to paint, but these perky little rolls were not as friendly as they looked. It's not just that I'm a sissy when it comes to spicy...I'm telling you...these babies were hot! I usually order these when my husband and I make our quarterly trek to Pacific Beach to our tax man, then to our favorite sushi restaurant to knock down a tall Sapporo, our way of taking the sting out of tax time :)  Anyway, I figure I'll start a little series of sushi paintings, and that way, darn the luck, I'll have to try everything on the menu.

"Spicy Tuna Roll #2" is offered framed in a wide, black plein air style frame with thin gold liner and UV/non-glare museum glass. Ready to hang and enjoy with your own Sapporo! Purchase here and have it shipped, or purchase here, pick up at my Pt. Loma studio and I'll refund the shipping cost. Cheers! $185 + $30 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Updated 8/25/13: Sold to a new collector at ArtWalk!

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