Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Up the Road #1"

"Up the Road #1"
12" x 12" Oil on Canvas
© Monique Straub
Do you have varied interests in art? Are you a collector of many different styles? As an artist, I find that I'm frequently drawn to the bold and unusual when it comes to my personal collection. The art that I surround myself with calls to me when I'm browsing art shows and galleries. For me, it's one of those "I'll know it when I see it" types of purchase. One of the fun things about watching and listening to people as they browse my booth at an art show, or enter my studio/gallery, is hearing their impressions and opinions, and the joy of watching each of my works strike a chord with another person, and join a new collection.  With variety being the spice of life...this painting revisits a neighborhood theme I've enjoyed in the past. Not fully abstract, and not fully representative of anything in particular, they are just a fun walk through the canvas, on another sunny day :)

"Up the Road #1" is offered framed in a gold crackle finish float frame, ready to hang and enjoy, and available here. You can have it shipped to your door, or pick up at my studio in Pt. Loma and I'll refund the shipping. $275 + $35 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada.

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