Friday, August 17, 2012

"Vineyard Walk" by Monique Straub

"Vineyard Walk"
9" x 12"
Soft Pastel on Sandpaper
We're going back to the vineyards of Sonoma today. This is one of my favorite images from a vacation two years ago, and I've had fun creating various versions and color variations on this theme. The smell of grapes on a hot summer day brings back childhood memories, and there is also something special about Eucalyptus trees that intrigues me, with their tall, graceful trunks reaching skyward. Aren't you glad we're not living on Mars? It would make my job so much more difficult :)

Framed in wide, gold, plein air style with UV/non-glare museum glass. Buy it here and have it shipped, or arrange to pick up at my Spanish Village Studio and I'll refund the shipping. $225 + $30 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Updated 10/20/12: Sold...and on its way to College Station, Texas!

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