Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Thoughts of Spring"

"Thoughts of Spring"
14" x 18" Pastel on Sandpaper
© Monique Straub

I can't get the excitement of the change of weather out of my head today. The sun is beaming through my studio windows, the birds are chirping, it's another great day to paint. I had fun playing with reflections in glass today, only to hit a snag when I tried to represent this painting in a photo here. The colors of this piece are fresh and brilliant, but for some reason the darker blue/green in the background window frame would not cooperate. All the other colors are true, but the brilliance and saturation of that deep turquoise green was just too much for my camera! Hmm...maybe another camera class is in order :)

This piece is offered framed in a wide, dark brown, plein air style frame with antique gold liner and UV/non-glare museum glass. Ready to hang and enjoy. You may purchase here and have it shipped to your door, or purchase here and pick up at my studio/gallery and I will refund the shipping. $525 + $35 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Updated 2/26/13: a new collector in Ramona, CA. She now has two in her collection!

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