Monday, April 22, 2013

"Village Path"

"Village Path"
12" x 16" Pastel on Sandpaper
© Monique Straub
This piece was a fun challenge posed to me by a new collector. From time to time I'll receive a photo reference or idea from someone as a potential commission work. Since I don't enjoy the stress of "commission" works when I know I've been paid up front or have a strict time frame for completion, I take on these challenges "risk free" and if the requestor likes it that's great...if  I've missed the mark, no worries...someone else will probably love it.

So here it is Brennan...what do you think? (I'll wait a few days to hear from Brennan, then I'll add a Paypal button if this piece is still available...check back in a week or so if  you like it :)

Updated 5/8/13: Brennan took a it's up for grabs! Framed in a wide, dark brown, plein air style frame with UV/non-glare museum glass, ready to hang and enjoy. $365 + $35 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Updated 5/13/13: Sold!

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