Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"California Farmlands Two"

"California Farmlands Two"
36" x 48" Oil on Canvas
© Monique Straub
The smell of deep brown earth and row upon row of greenery are sure to jump start my creative thinking. Using a photo I took during a drive through Central California a few years back, the fun of playing with color and movement quickly take center stage. I'm often asked if I ever draw or paint more "realistically," and the answer is "I try not to." My early art training was in technical illustration, very tight and exacting drawings of machinery and tools. I was really good at it, since I'm pretty much a perfectionist, but it was boring as all get out! Playing with my own color and exaggerated shapes is much more fun.

"California Farmlands Two" is painted on 1-1/2" thick gallery wrapped canvas, the sides of this piece are painted black and it is ready to hang, unframed. You may purchase here and have it shipped to your door, or purchase here and pick up at my studio/gallery in Little Italy, and I will refund the shipping. $2495 + $65 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Updated 10/10/15: Sold...and destined for the collectors new wine room!

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