Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy collectors make for happy artists!

36" x 36" Oil on Canvas
© Monique Straub
Whew...the busiest time of my art show season is a wrap. I'm just settling back into the studio after a whirlwind couple of weeks. After a wonderful weekend of showing my work at ArtWalk NTC, the hubby and I broke down our tents, packed our stuff and headed home, only to repack all of his automotive photography and leave on a road trip at 3:00 a.m. the next morning for a gallery show in Carmel, CA. Another fun week of art, car shows, and gallery events had us testing our stamina!

I would like to give a huge "thank you" to all of you that stopped by my ArtWalk booth to say hello, and another "thank you" to those that decided to add a new piece to their collection! The centerpiece of my booth this year was "Coachella" pictured above. I'm happy to report, this beautiful painting is sold! It didn't even last an hour before it found a new home. Happy collectors make for happy artists!

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